Our Story

My husband and I have a very unique and special love story that I share with anyone the first chance I get. Go back to 2007 to a barefoot girl wandering through her last year of college in North Carolina, and a guitarist playing his way through Texas. The girl was always on the search for new music to give a listen, and the boy was cranking out songs left and right. One day, the girl happened upon the boy’s myspace music page by chance, through a girl we had both friended at some point in time. The girl sends a friendly “I love your music” to the boy in a message. The boy doesn’t respond. He was a busy musician, after all. A little bit of time goes by, and the girl suddenly hears from the never-responding-musician. A pleasant “thank you so much” for expressing interest in his music sent the girl a typing. They began sending each other messages daily, which quickly progressed to phone conversations. About a week in, the girl knew he was her future husband. She was in love. She would soon find out that the boy had the same intentions. After five months of talking, the boy flew across the country to North Carolina to finally meet the girl. They had their first kiss in an airport, and it felt like they had known each other for years. A week of pure joy went by, until the boy had to go back home. The girl missed him far too much, and a month later she flew across the country to Texas to see him for another week. She returned home. The two were more certain now than ever that they would marry one another, and they weren’t waiting for life to pass them by make it official. After seven months worth of talking and two weeks of physically visiting each other the two married each other in a little ceremony in North Carolina. So many people thought the boy and girl were crazy. I mean, who gets married after only knowing each other for seven months? We do. That’s who. Yes, we are that boy and girl, and it feels like we have known each other for a lifetime. I suppose that’s what true love feels like, when you know you were created to be together before you were ever born. That a purpose was intended in both of your lives, that someday your paths would not so randomly cross and you would instantly know that purpose. I have never known a love like this, and it grows stronger and stronger as the years pass us by. Together we have made this life together that is simple, and beautiful, and full of love.


For our five year wedding anniversary, my husband and I had a celebration with our closest friends and family to renew our vows. No, we weren’t having troubles in our marriage. We simply love each other to the fullest extent, and wanted to do something special to celebrate that love. It was such a beautiful day, and meant so much to both of us. We were so thankful to be so blessed to share it with our loved ones.




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