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I know, it’s been a while since I’ve put a project on here. Sorry! Making up for lost time, here’s a fun one for you to try! Ever since we rearranged the living room I’ve been wanting to add a on-the-big-side rug to the room. But let’s be honest, big rugs cost big money. And well, we all know that I’m thrifty, not likely to drop a lot of money on a rug. So I decided I would make my own big rug. I had actually done this before a rug in our kitchen, not nearly this size of course. So I went to a local consignment shop, bought two matching rugs ($4 each), and sewed them together. Easy.

Materials needed:

  • 2 rugs
  • needle
  • thread

First, sit in a comfy place, because it’s going to take a little while (this size rug took me about an hour to make). Then you basically just hold the rugs together and start sewing them together down the middle until you’ve attached them from one end to other. I hand sewed this rug, because the rugs were thick and I didn’t want to risk breaking my machine. This is a very basic sewing project – you don’t even need to have ever sewed before to make this. So, if you’re having rugless issues and don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is an easy fix! It cost me $8 to make my rug.

Let me know if you try this project out!






We all know how much I LOVE and LIVE FOR a good project. These are a few projects that I can’t wait to sink my hands in to, and don’t worry – I’ll share any results on here with you all.

  • Aren’t these shirt turned aprons the cutest ever! Such an easy gift idea, or if you’re like me and you have about a million aprons, what’s another?!
  • This idea for covering a boring stool caught my eye instantly. I am forever on the hunt for thrifting a few barstools for the counter in our kitchen, and when I do this will be my go to for sprucing them up, because who likes a boring wooden barstool?
  • Don’t even get me started on the chandeliers in our house. We have two – one in the kitchen and one in the living room. We have had plans to paint them since before we moved in. Well fast forward to a year later and they’re still ugly and brass. One of these weekends we WILL paint those babies up, and it will lift my spirits greatly to not have to stare at that hideous brass another day longer.
  • The porch. It needs love. Caleb did go out there a few weekends ago and spruced it up a little with the bounty of plants/flowers we picked up at Lowes. But still, it needs help. Isn’t this the cutest porch ever? Such a great inspiration starting point.
  • Monograms, who doesn’t love them? They represent who we are. Add some flowers to that and you’re golden. This would look so perfect above our mantel, or I’m also thinking in our bedroom and Olive’s room. Who says we can’t have some in every room? Right?

What good ideas have you found that inspired you to start a new project???

Put A Heart On It: Kids Edition

So if you’re anything like me, you love hearts and adding them to anything and everything. I have put together three easy projects that take no time at all to make. If you also fall into this category of loving clothes with hearts, then you’ve probably seen those ADORABLE dresses for little ladies with the heart cut out in the back? Yeah, those! They are beyond amazing, but every time I see them they cost way more than I am willing to pay for a toddler’s dress, or my own dress for that matter. So of course, you know what I did. Yep, I DIY’d that dress right up!


It was actually really easy to do. I already had a dress on hand in mind: a cute little floral that I had thrifted for Olive a while back. All I did to make the heart shape was grab the back of the dress’s fabric in the middle and fold it in half (like you would a piece of paper to cut out a heart shape). Then I took my scissors and cut a nice sized heart out of the back of the dress. You can cut the heart however big or small you want it to be. In hindsight, I may have cut the heart a little smaller, but hey, I am totally happy with the results. Then I just hemmed up around the edges so that they don’t fray. That’s it! How easy is that. Much easier than I initially thought it might be, because it just seems like it should be more complicated because of what stores are charging for these. But I guess you’re buying the cuteness/style. Well guess what, I paid like 10 cents for mine. That’s right. Look at that child.









I also took a little dress I had sewn Olive last year that had grown to tight and cut it into a shirt a sewed a little heart on it too. Like I said, I love hearts. This is also a super easy way to add a little pop to a piece of clothing. Just cut a heart out of your fabric of choice and sew it onto your shirt, dress, pants, bag, whatever you choose.








For the last project, I used a plain red dress-turned-shirt of Olive’s. I followed the same pattern as the cut out dress, and gathered the back material of the shirt from the middle. Then cut out the heart shape just like with the dress. Next I took some scrap lace I had laying around and pinned it to the inside back of the shirt, right over the heart. Then I sewed around the outside edges of the heart until I had gone all the way around. Then just trim the excess lace from the shirt. Now you have that cute cut out heart back, with delicate lace detail. Adorable. I love it. I am making one for me for sure.




(I love all her little poses. She’s been watching mommy too long)

Kitty Leggings

Hello weekend! One of my projects for the week was stamping some leggings for Olive. I love finding new ideas for revamping plain clothing, and was dying to try this one out. So when it came to choosing what kind of shape to do, of course I chose a kitty head. I mean, what else is there?

So to do this little project all I used was some white fabric paint, a pair of leggings we already had and a stencil my husband drew out for me. In hindsight I wish I had made a stamp instead of using a stencil just because I feel like it might have gone on easier and faster, but hey you craft, you learn. The end result was what I wanted, I just went about it in a more difficult way.

To make your own pair:

– fabric paint (whatever color you want depending on your color of pants)
– leggings
– stencil or stamp of your choice

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, slip some cardboard into the legs of the pants to keep the paint from bleeding through. Then you basically just hold your stencil against the pants where you want it, get some paint on your brush (I used a sponge) and dab paint inside the stencil until you have coverage. Now first time around, it might seem like the paint is very light, which is why I ended up doing three coats just to get a bright white. However, I think if you used a stamp it might go on great with the first try. Maybe? Let it dry for about 15 minutes between coats. Once you have the amount of paint you want on your pants just let them dry according to your paint package. I let mine dry overnight and Olive wore them the next day. She loves them. Then again, she is like her mommy and loves anything with a kitty on it.




DIY Heart Leggings

So if you follow children’s clothing at all, I’m sure you’ve seen those adorable leggings with the hearts on the knees. You know the ones? I fell in love with them the minute I saw them, and knew that I had to whip some up for Olive to wear, because hey, why buy them when you can make them yourself! This is a really easy project that took me no more than 30 minutes to make. Olive loved hers when I finished them. You can do this with basically any kind of cotton stretchy pants. Olive has two black pairs of leggings, so I just grabbed a pair of those and went with it. You could probably use tights too if you wanted to make some for little bitty ones. I am even thinking of making a pair for myself, so definitely don’t feel like this is restricted to only kids pants. Go on, spruce up those boring leggings!

All you need for this project is:

  • A pair of leggings
  • Fabric scraps (I used fabric from some twill pants I cut up over summer)
  • A sewing machine (although you could sew it by hand if you have the patience)

Basically you want to start out just by cutting out your two hearts from your fabric. I double mine over so that I could get both hearts in the same cut, so as to avoid any awkward, different sized hearts. Hold the hearts against your leggings laying flat and place them where your child’s  knee (or your knee!) falls. Pin the hearts in place. Here comes the most annoying part of the whole project (and it’s really not that bad). Because toddler leggings are so skinny in the legs, you have to really stretch and pay attention when you’re sewing the hearts in place because you don’t have a whole lot of room to pull the back side of the pants out of the way. So just take it slow, in order to avoid sewing the hearts all the way through both sides of the legs. Do a lap around the heart, do the other leg, and you’re done! How easy is that? Then grab your little one (or yourself) and model those fancy new leggings.

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If you make a pair for your little one, or yourself, let me know how they turn out! Happy weekend

xoxo Sam

Confessions of a creative mama


I have so many people ask me where I get my clothes, Olive’s clothes and they usually already know the answer to the question they have asked. I almost always reply with the same answer, “Thrift store.” Then most go on to tell me about how they are never able to find anything cute at the stores when they go hunting. Today I am going to give you my favorite tip on how I find the things that I do. My biggest answer to you questioners out there is that when I go into a thrift store, I don’t see things the way that they are. I look at an article of clothing, or a piece of fabric, and I see what it can be. Huge dresses can be made into fitted dresses. Vintage sheets can be turned into really cute curtains or fresh new pillows. Wide legged pants can be turned into skinny pants. Pretty scarves can make beautiful wall art. The list goes on and on. One of my favorite things to do in life is to revamp clothes that might otherwise be really ugly and unworn. I will snip sleeves here and take sides in there. Raise the hemline, or cut out a funky collar. Remove those ungodly shoulder pads and add a little something cute to the front (like a pocket or a pin). Recently I have found a new love for taking old pieces of mine that I never wear, but love love love and cannot bear to part with, and altering them down to my daughters size so that she can wear them for me. Boy, do they look cute on her too! I know what a lot of you are thinking: this all just sounds way too hard and you could never ever do it. I’m here to tell you that you couldn’t be farther from the truth. All you really need are basic sewing abilities, your pieces of clothing or fabric, a little bit of time, and eyes to look at it and see the potential that it truly has. It doesn’t deserve to live on that Goodwill hanger for the rest of it’s life, when you could take it home and make it beautiful! So, the next time you make a trip to the thrift store, promise me you will go in with new eyes and see all the possibilities around you. You just might discover your new favorite hobby in the process. Good luck, and happy thrifting!

Photos above:
1: Poncho i made Olive for Christmas out of thrifted wool trousers and the trim off a thrifted pillow.
2: An old David Bowie t-shirt of mine that I tailored down to fit Olive.
3: Adorable polka dot print skirt I thrifted that was huge when I bought it. I took in the sides and now it’s one of my favorite high waisted skirts.