What I Wore

What I Wore





This was the first time I had put this outfit together, because I have only had the items for short while. When I first found the shirt, I knew that I had to grab it because I could see great potential. But then, I just couldn’t decide what to wear it with. Fast forward to a week or so down the road and I find a lovely simple skirt, in such a bold red. It sat for almost a week, untouched. Then yesterday, I decided I was going to wear the shirt, because it’s too cute to leave in the drawer unworn for a day longer. So I took it to my closet and started to look through my options, and there it was, laying almost on top of my skirt/pant pile: the red skirt. I held the two up to each other and the outfit was born. I knew it needed a belt, so I grabbed one from the hanger and threw it all on. It is now my husband’s favorite outfit that I wear. It’s an easy, casual outfit that I was able to spend the whole day in, even playing in the park.

(For this outfit, every piece was thrifted, from head to toe)


What I Wore

A new series I am starting this year is a ‘what I wore’ post, just because I enjoy looking at them so much, so you do too, right?

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What I wore: shirt (homemade); jeans (target); boots (steve madden)