Our House

Change is good


We all know how much I love to thrift and sew, but my next favorite thing to do in life is decorate/rearrange things. My friends can tell you that something is different almost every time they come over, and they come over often. Changing things up always lifts my spirits and puts a big smile on my face. I love it. Today I spent the afternoon rearranging our entire living room and our bedroom. Big task. Thankfully my sweet husband indulges my craziness and always helps me if I need to move something big. We are both in love with the way things look now. Everything feels much more cozy, and Caleb is loving that his guitars and mandolin are now on display. Rearranging things is my go to comfort thing. Anytime I’m feeling a little bleh, all I have to do is grab some furniture and move it around.





What is your happy task?


Walking around the house today, I decided I was going to pick up my camera and capture a few new little details around the house. Enjoy.












(a new blanket, polka dot wall, new lace curtains, new banner & owl, new table arrangement, new hanging owl from a friend, olive’s window book, this sweet boy, heart banner for the bedroom, a cute lady, the plants are blooming, a borrowed record)

Toddler Tour

Hello all! Today I thought I would share with you one of my favorite rooms in the house – Olive’s room. There’s just something about a kids room that makes me full of jealousy (I think it must be all the cool stuff they get to have). A lot of time, rearranging and love have gone into this room over the past (almost) year since we’ve moved into this house. The shape it has taken (for now) is my favorite so far! Here are some of my favorite parts of the room:


Her bed corner nook is cozy, with chalkboards and handmade wall hangings.


I made each of these by cutting squares of vintage fabric and putting them in an embroidery hoop. It’s a very simple way to decorate on the cheap and it is adorable (we have some in our hallway too). The middle one with the owl was a piece of one of my favorite onesies she wore as an infant, and theĀ  one on the right with the hula girls is from a shirt she outgrew that her grandma Debi and grandpa Kevin brought her back from Hawaii. Special memories to hold on to.


If you do know me, you know that I have quite an obsession with making fabric banners (they’re everywhere). Here’s the one I made for miss Olive’s room out of two thrifted (too big) skirts. It drapes from one end of the room to the opposite (it’s very long).


Her bed itself I made by simply stacking two shipping pallets (we have an abundance of them) on top of each other to keep it still low to the ground, and then I simply put her crib mattress on top and voila! we have a toddler bed. On the bed are all of her favorites (except big kitty, which never leaves her side).


Here’s her way tooooo many animals storage (the kid loves animals). It’s a very old play crib (it was mine when I was a kid, and back then it was thrifted) that we just piled them all in to. It is a bit fuller than I would like, but I could never take them from her. Underneath are her toy drum and basket of shoes.


Her bookshelf was handmade by my dad, and she’s started a rather large collection since before birth.


Here’s some of her toy storage. I thrifted two of these wire baskets from an antique shop and spray painted them a bright yellow for a pop of color. We keep dinosaurs, baby dolls and random things in these.


Here’s a little picnic basket I thrifted that sits by her rocking chair with some of her favorite books reside in for easy access (notice this one in front is about a dog with her name).


I thrifted this old snack jar and keep her wooden blocks in it because, well, they look prettier in a glass jar than in a bag.


Here’s her owl that ‘watches over her and keeps her safe’ at night. It’s always been one of my favorite pieces, and after we moved here I decided it would look nice in her room.


This is a bag I thrifted that I absolutely adore. The detail of it is too lovely to hide away, so it hangs on her closet door for decoration.




Here are the prints that hang above her bookcase. I thrifted all three at different times, and thought that they fit perfectly together. The two smaller ones are embroidered, which I love.



And here is my favorite thing that lives in this room, my sweet sweet Olive, in all of her craziness. She is a silly bird, and I love her for it. She is constantly making me laugh, smile, remember the little things, which we all need to be reminded of. Although toddlerhood is a rough road to navigate, it’s a fun one that keeps you learning something new.

I hope you enjoyed a little visit to Olive’s neck of the house. What are some of your favorite parts of your kids rooms?