Hey, Love

On this man-made holiday, I can’t help but feel the same way I do each and every day – loved and blessed beyond measure. I am married to the most incredible man on earth, who loves me beyond measure. I love him yesterday, today and forever – You will always be my valentine, boy! When today is over, I know that loving feeling won’t go away – it’s always there, burning and keeping me going, keeping me strong. Love and marriage take work, they take dedication, they take endurance. Up against anything, I’ll choose you every time!

237_509209373875_6087_n 2607_515711897765_4234799_n 5411_523913581525_8255583_n 6761_672060344225_494456016_n 10124_524893956845_7266184_n 18043_528974614175_7300638_n 61738_651807391305_1733056822_n 184349_652435058455_1422676948_n 269511_566671554205_2743809_n 428133_598584600205_105937163_n 521971_681708718805_336936401_n 530745_637729573365_1990983512_n 923144_667509713725_1859805835_n 931336_526154830774951_195187375_n 999052_612526800571_1087792690_n 1383154_697569753165_1060206823_n 1459684_704544760195_1336367715_n

<pictures of my guy and me through the years>


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