James 4:14 says, “You do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” Think about what that says…..really think about it. Think about all the little things in our day to day lives that we dwell on, that we plan for, that we get upset about, that we say, that we write – the list goes on. I have lingered on it, because it’s something that I think about all the time.

Why do we do this? Why do we focus our minds, our attentions, our actions on things that are trivial, that are fleeting, that are so small in the grand scheme of things? Why do we think we are so worthy of more time to accomplish these things? Why do we feel so deserving? Because we’ve earned it? Because it’s our right? Because we are better than someone else? Because we did things right and they did things wrong?

We have no guarantees in this life. We have no entitlement. God hasn’t labeled us deserving or destitute. To look at someone, whether they’re in another country or across the street, and think that you are more deserving of something in this life because of something you’ve done, something you’ve said, something you think God said, or for whatever reason – you’re wrong. Why do you deserve clean running water when there are people bathing in dirty rivers? Why should you be able to read your bible in a public place when there are people being murdered for reading there’s in the secrecy of their own homes? Why should you get to live in a warm house when there are people making their beds on the sidewalk or in a dumpster? Why do you deserve heaven and they deserve hell?

I’m not saying having all of those things is a bad thing, or that it is wrong and you shouldn’t have them. I have them. I am abundantly blessed. For whatever reason, God has allowed me to live an easy life by most standards. The weighing factor comes in when you’re answering all the questions I asked earlier. When you go through life making plans, judging others and their plans, spending your time on all the things that you might one day look back on and say, ‘wow, that really wasn’t important at all’ – if you get the days to look back. That’s the point of all this. You might not have those days. You might not have tomorrow.

God is amazing. He is holy. He is everything.

We are weak. We are a mist.

He will use us though, if we let him. He will take our weaknesses and make us strong in him. He will take our time and use it for his kingdom. He will take our thoughts and focus them on others. He will take our feet and move us to serve. He will take our judgement and give us grace. We must be faithful with his grace. We must not squander that grace, but pour it out onto this world.


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