Change is good


We all know how much I love to thrift and sew, but my next favorite thing to do in life is decorate/rearrange things. My friends can tell you that something is different almost every time they come over, and they come over often. Changing things up always lifts my spirits and puts a big smile on my face. I love it. Today I spent the afternoon rearranging our entire living room and our bedroom. Big task. Thankfully my sweet husband indulges my craziness and always helps me if I need to move something big. We are both in love with the way things look now. Everything feels much more cozy, and Caleb is loving that his guitars and mandolin are now on display. Rearranging things is my go to comfort thing. Anytime I’m feeling a little bleh, all I have to do is grab some furniture and move it around.





What is your happy task?


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