Preschool at home



Preschooling at home is always interesting. Finding unique ways to learn is our main goal here in our home. I never want Olive to find learning boring or discouraging, but always (ok most of the time) a fun adventure. Thank you internet for helping me out in this department time and time again. We believe in learning from life, and day to day activities rather than a strict curriculum. This allows us the freedom to have a normal day, but know that she is learning at the same time. Our most recent sit down learning moment was this: making a noodle necklace. This is just basic threading noodles onto embroidery thread – very good for hand eye coordination, as well as patience, which Olive proved once more that she has very little. Patience that is, not hand eye coordination. It’s something that we’re working on with her. She is her mother’s child, after all. It took me 20+ years to really learn true patience. We’ll get there. Right? We’ll see. Our adventure of schooling at home is a progressive learning experience for all of us.

What fun or interesting activities have you tried with your little ones?


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