I Am Mama, Hear Me Try Not to Roar

I’m just gonna come right out and say it, three is hard. It has been my biggest struggle thus far as a parent, and I’m going to be honest and say that I know I haven’t done my best. I’ve lost my temper, gotten irritated, been impatient, yada yada yada. The thing is, I know it’s all a test, that I am failing miserably. I’ve prayed for God to help me be more patient with her, and He just keeps providing me with opportunity after opportunity to practice the patience I’ve been praying for. Sorry again, God. I feel like I’m constantly asking for forgiveness for my impatience. Thank God for grace. Which is the key word here: grace. I know the way for me to be patient, not get irritated and lose my temper is to show her that same grace that God shows me when I mess up. Because let’s face it, she’s not going to be perfect. She’s a curious, quesion-asking toddler who is going to push me to my last limit just to see if she can, because that’s what they do at this age: test their limits. As a stay-at-home mama it’s tough, because I am always with her. 24-7. And I wouldn’t change that for the world, because I am so thankful that I am able to stay at home with her because that’s where my heart is. That doesn’t go without saying that I will have my moments though. My selfish moments, where I just want to sit by myself and watch Downton Abbey in silence. We all have those moments. We need those moments. So with my always-encouraging husband by my side, I will continue to push myself to be a better mama to my sweet, beautiful, intelligent toddler. I love you, Olive, you crazy kid.



  1. Parenting a toddler is indeed a struggle with patience. And grace is definitely a step in the right direction for without grace none of us would survive.

    I love you Sam and watching you parent Olive brings me much joy. I know it’s hard sometimes but when she is much older and shares with you just how much she has learned from her mommie and how much she looks up to you and tells you, “You are my best friend.” It will ALL be worth it!

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