An Etsy Dream

For as long as I’ve known about it, I have dreamed of opening a shop on Etsy. For over a year I’ve talked about doing it. Well today, I finally took the plunge. I opened my Etsy store. RedbirdBrownbird, just like my blog, from the heart. In my shop you will be able to find a variety of either vintage items, handmade items, or things I have refashioned (like you’ve seen here on the blog). I’m excited to take this new step in cyber world, and am praying for success in this new adventure. Sewing and vintage are passions of mine, so to be able to share that with others will truly be a blessing, I believe. Tonight, I listed my first two items, that fall into the children’s category. I already have some pieces for the ladies that I’m going to be posting in the next day or so (as soon as I can get some good photos snapped – IN THE DAYLIGHT). Man, there’s nothing worse than a nighttime photo with the flash (in my opinion). Or if you know me, any photo with any flash for that matter. Photography snob, I know. So thank you for letting me share my new adventure with you, and please tell your friends to check out the shop as well!


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