Birthday Snapshots

For Olive’s birthday we had initially planned on taking her to the zoo, like we always do on her birthday, but this year it was very rainy when we woke up, so we had to change our plans. We woke up and I made special birthday cake pancakes, with candles and all. Then she played in her teepee I made her for a little while and her papaw came over to visit. We loaded up in the car around lunch and headed toward the city. We took Olive to my favorite little diner that I used to eat at almost every day when I was in college. I don’t get over there much anymore because we just never go to that area, which makes me a little bit sad. I swear to you, this diner has THE BEST grilled cheese you will ever eat in your life. The best. Is it hilarious to anyone else that after not coming in there for almost two years, the waitress (who is still working there!) realized who I was once I ordered ranch and honey mustard for my grilled cheese and fries. Does that say something about me? Probably that I am the only person who has ever come in there and ordered ranch and honey mustard for a grilled cheese. hahaha. It’s a must have. Anywaaaaays, back to the birthday day. After lunch we went to the movie theater to see Wreck It Ralph. Olive got her little kid combo, because she HAS to have popcorn every time we go. She loved the movie, so did mama. It was very very funny and I always love trying to figure out the voices in animated films. There were some good ones in this film. Once the movie was over, Olive pleaded to watch it again, and we tried and tried to explain to her that you can only see it once. Then promised to buy it for her when it comes out on dvd. Gotta remember that one. Every year for her birthday she gets a coupon from Barnes and Noble kids club for a free cupcake from the starbucks inside the store. So we took her to get her HUGE cupcake, and while we were in the bookstore she played with the Thomas set up they have for a little while. Once we were back in the car she devoured almost the entire thing. I may have sneaked a bite. That’s a good cupcake. Then we had to head over to a different town to get to the restaurant early enough to put our name in for a table for 14. We knew that one would take a while. It did. Almost an hour and a half. Oh Mellow Mushroom, why can’t you take reservations? Olive’s loves pizza, and we actually took her there for her birthday dinner last year. The kid’s got good taste. She enjoyed pizza with some people who love her a whole lot, and we had lots of laughs, as usual with our group of friends. I took her home (Caleb had to go straight to work from the restaurant) and she passed out instantly in the car. Long day? Yes. She woke up briefly when I got her out of the car, but only long enough for me to change her diaper and she was back asleep. Bless her little birthday heart, we wore her out. It was a great day of fun, and probably one of my favorite days of the year. I love celebrating her and making a special day that’s all about her. Being a parent is so rewarding for so many reasons, but just seeing her face light up is one of the most rewarding things in life. Here’s some snapshots of our day:


^^^her teepee^^^


^^^birthday pancakes^^^


^^^in princess attire, always^^^


^^^ready to go^^^


^^^mama was excited to be at Alex’s^^^


^^^playtime with Thomas^^^


^^^arriving at the restaurant^^^


^^^looking at herself in the glass^^^


^^^loving on aunt lizzy^^^


^^^such a long wait for a 3 year old^^^


^^^hey, there’s daddy^^^


^^^boys standing outside^^^


^^^love my girl^^^


^^^uncle jacob^^^


^^^aunt jenny^^^


^^^uncle justin, with a jenny photobombing^^^


^^^uncle b^^^


^^^mamaw love^^^


^^^hey guys^^^


^^^my loves^^^


^^^hey, presents^^^


^^^let’s open them^^^


^^^anna & jenny, with a photobombing kev^^^


^^^she makes some crazy faces^^^


^^^playing with her new toy^^^






^^^love my husband^^^





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