A Love Letter to My Husband

My husband and I have a truly beautiful story, that I always enjoy telling to those who don’t know. We met totally by chance, by accident (although I know that it wasn’t an accident, because I know that God had his hand in it all along). Let’s take a step back almost 6 years. To the days of Myspace and those awkward college years. Caleb is a musician, and at the time he was both in a band and had a solo project. Somehow I had “friended” a lovely girl on Myspace who I didn’t even know. I just really liked her profile and what she was all about. One of my favorite things to do on Myspace was to scroll through my friends friend list, looking for new music or to meet more interesting folks. Insert Verulf here, Caleb’s solo project at the time. I took a listen over on the page, and instantly fell in love with the beautifully strange sounds coming from the speakers of my computer. It really was astounding. So I sent the musician a little message just saying that I really loved the music and to keep on doing what he was doing. No response. Nice one, Caleb. Ignore your fans.

A month or so went by and then I received a little message in my inbox one day from that musician I had messaged weeks back. It was in response to something I had posted about going to see Jimmy Eat World in concert the night before. He said, “I love Jimmy Eat World too,” and that’s where it all began. Thank you, thank you Jimmy Eat World – not only for your incredible music, but for playing a part in this love story. After the message about our shared love for JEW, the messages continued, and continued. We became very close very fast, sharing everything about ourselves with one another. It really was beautiful. We were of course saddened by the truth that he lived all the way in Texas and I was in North Carolina, but we didn’t care. That wasn’t going to stop our interest in one another, or the relationship that was very quickly building between us. Our conversations went from Myspace messages, to texting, to hours of phone calls, every day. I couldn’t believe I had met such a beautiful person, who was so raw and willing to share himself with me. I would share with my friends the news of the beautiful, sweet boy from Texas that I had fallen in love with. He did the same. Everyone thought we were crazy. Maybe we were.

Our long distance relationship went on for about 5 months before we ever saw each other in person. Caleb flew to North Carolina so that we could finally see one another, face to face. That only confirmed our love even more. Once he went back to Texas, I flew down there the following month to visit him. We knew that this was it – we were it. I knew that there had never been a more incredible man in my life prior to meeting him, nor would I ever find anyone that could top him, in my eyes. We were married the next month. Yes, you’ve done the math right – we only knew each other 7 months before we got married. Yes, we only physically spent two weeks of those 7 months together. To so many people, we had lost our minds, but we didn’t care. When you know, you know. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known each other, or how much time you’ve spent together. When God reveals that person to you, you better grab a hold of them before it’s too late. I am so thankful that I listened. Our lives together have been so beautiful, and we have shared so many special, unforgettable moments together. I truly cannot imagine spending my life with another human being, ever.

A great man can be hard to find – the kind who loves God, takes care of his family, treats his girls like princesses, is always selfless, loves unconditionally, strives to always better his relationships, still wants to date his wife after almost 5 years of marriage, and that list goes on for letters and letters. I am so thankful for you Caleb and that I married you. It’s such an incredible feeling to wake up every day, and know that I get to spend the rest of my life with God’s best for me. That He orchestrated all of this, our lives and our love. From the top of my heart, I love you.

(some of my favorite pictures of us, leading up to today)


^^^our wedding^^^


^^^we look so young^^^


^^^love him^^^


^^^our first babies^^^


^^^pregnant belly kiss^^^


^^^a day at the lake^^^


^^^at a friend’s wedding^^^


^^^date night^^^


^^^birthday boy love^^^


^^^our matching anniversary tattoo^^^


^^^celebrating my birthday^^^


^^^being the silly folks we are^^^


^^^sneaking a peek at the handsome face^^^



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