Every year before Olive’s birthday, we always take her to Build-A-Bear and let her pick an animal to make. It’s one of my favorite traditions that we do with her. This year definitely took the cake as far as favorite moments go.

For starters, she had already decided which animal she wanted to get like back in December when we got their flyer in the mail. She had her heart set on making Hello Kitty. The girl loves hello kitty. Or any kitty. Just like her mama. So we decided to take her this weekend to make it (her birthday is still two weeks away), because we’ve got some busy weeks coming up. Sheer joy as soon as she entered the store. She’s always been excited when we’ve gone, but this year it was different. She’s almost 3 now and the difference between how she reacted the everything last year and this year is like night and day. Last year she was kind of afraid to do anything in the store. She wouldn’t help with the stuffing, or put the heart in or utter a word to any of the friendly staff. This year, she looked around a bit (like she might choose something different). Heck no, she had to have the Hello Kitty. She grabbed one out, got in line to stuff it, and put her foot on the pedal (as long as mommy’s foot was on there too, of course). She kissed the heart, rubbed it everywhere on her face (so it’s smart and knows you, right?) and stuffed it into the cat. We let her pick out an accessory, and she chose a little Hello Kitty pocketbook. It’s pretty cute, if I do say so. Then she “gave her a bath” and made her birth certificate – like hit the keys herself (with daddy’s instructions) and we paid.
























She’s growing up so fast, it’s bizarre to me how different she is now and how much she really is growing up on us. You always know that your kids are growing, but when you watch them in public do something (like type out a birth certificate) it’s just so surreal and I may or may not have teared up slightly. It’s bittersweet, but I love the age she’s coming in to, and I am so happy that we started this tradition with her when she was born. She’ll always be able to look back in life and remember that every year for her birthday we took a special day to let her do something that she wouldn’t normally do. What traditions do you have in your family?


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