Kitty Leggings

Hello weekend! One of my projects for the week was stamping some leggings for Olive. I love finding new ideas for revamping plain clothing, and was dying to try this one out. So when it came to choosing what kind of shape to do, of course I chose a kitty head. I mean, what else is there?

So to do this little project all I used was some white fabric paint, a pair of leggings we already had and a stencil my husband drew out for me. In hindsight I wish I had made a stamp instead of using a stencil just because I feel like it might have gone on easier and faster, but hey you craft, you learn. The end result was what I wanted, I just went about it in a more difficult way.

To make your own pair:

– fabric paint (whatever color you want depending on your color of pants)
– leggings
– stencil or stamp of your choice

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, slip some cardboard into the legs of the pants to keep the paint from bleeding through. Then you basically just hold your stencil against the pants where you want it, get some paint on your brush (I used a sponge) and dab paint inside the stencil until you have coverage. Now first time around, it might seem like the paint is very light, which is why I ended up doing three coats just to get a bright white. However, I think if you used a stamp it might go on great with the first try. Maybe? Let it dry for about 15 minutes between coats. Once you have the amount of paint you want on your pants just let them dry according to your paint package. I let mine dry overnight and Olive wore them the next day. She loves them. Then again, she is like her mommy and loves anything with a kitty on it.





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