I’ve got stripes

As you know, one of my favorite things to do is refashion clothes. It’s one of my specialties. This afternoon, I decided to take care of a dress that’s been sitting on my sewing cart for at least two months. My husband picked it up for me one day when he was out thrifting because he knew that I could do something with it. It might have taken me a few months to get to it babe, but I did something with it!

When I refashion clothes, there are basically six steps that I always use (except for maybe a few cases where a step or two might not be necessary). I typically trim the sleeves, trim the hemline, take in the sides (unless it already fits) and trim away the excess. Although tailoring an article of clothing to your liking may seem intimidating, I promise it’s really not at all. All you need are basic sewing skills and know what you want it to look like. I never follow any kind of pattern, I just look at the piece of clothing and know what it should look like. It doesn’t take long either, once you’ve gotten some practice and could practically do it in your sleep. This dress took me about 15 minutes to alter.


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