These boys are Bad Wolf

My husband and some of our dearest friends recently formed a band together under the name Bad Wolf. They truly are a delight to listen to, even when they’re just goofing off. They are extremely talented guys with a lot of heart. They have fun with some of their favorite songs, making them into their own sound, but they also do several original songs.  Everything they touch sounds golden. They asked me to take some band pictures for them, so I thought I would share them with you guys. And please please please go and have a listen and support these guys – they truly deserve it, and I promise you won’t be sorry you listened 🙂

Meet the band:

Kev – vocals, saxophone, resonator, banjo, harmonica, accordion, spoons

Caleb  (my hubby) – vocals, acoustic guitar

Justin – vocals, banjo, acoustic guitar

Bryson – vocals, bass

Adam – percussion, banjo, mandolin

Robby – vocals, concertina, tambourine

Go visit at:


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