It’s been three years.


This evening I did something I haven’t done in three years: I ate meat. I stopped eating meat once Olive was born (having been a vegetarian previously) and so tonight was the first time Olive has ever eaten meat. She liked it. I was reluctant, but I didn’t hate it. After a discussion with my husband earlier in the week where he expressed concern with mine and Olive’s protein intake, as well as my energy levels and her constant hunger (beyond typical toddler craves). He asked if I would try eating some meat occasionally to see if I saw any change. I was very hesitant at first and wanted to immediately shut down the idea, but I did understand his concern, especially for Olive, and made the decision that we would give it a try. So tonight he made a chicken pasta, we ate, and Olive said something new: “I love chicken!” I will keep you updated on how this new food journey goes, though I still have my limits. I only want to eat meat if it’s cooked at home and I don’t care to have any pork or beef. Have any of you gone from being vegetarian for such a long time and if so how did it go for you?



  1. This sounds similar to what Omaey does. She avoids certain meats – I know pork is one for sure and I really think beef? You may want to ask her about this. M.O.M. breakfasts might be a little easier now!

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